PUBLISHED: 5:21 PM on Wednesday, September 3, 2008
JAMHI show celebrates many forms of personal expression
JUNEAU - The Canvas gallery wants to offer creative forms of expression to people of all walks of life.

"We try to focus on what makes us similar," said gallery director Annie Geselle. "Regardless of our abilities, or disabilities, we share a commonality in our desire to express who we are."

Photo courtesy of the Canvas
  The JAMHI student show on display during September at the Canvas Gallery will include work in several different mediums. The show opens Sept. 5 for the First Friday Gallery Walk from 4:30-7pm.
The Canvas, at 223 Seward Street, has partnered with the Juneau Alliance for Mental Health (JAMHI) to produce and present the JAMHI student show September at the Canvas. The opening will take place Sept. 5 for the First Friday Gallery Walk from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

JAMHI's opening will showcase the work of students, created in conjunction with the Canvas Gallery's art program. Students have worked on a variety of projects, including Alaska fish themed works in several different medium, that demonstrate a breadth of experiences as well as individual levels of talent.

"Creative, personal expression takes many forms, in public and private domains," reads the artist's statement for the JAMHI show. "Each person demonstrates admirable resilience as life and social issues threaten to take a toll, mirroring the universal challenges we all face in this ever changing world."

JAMHI student work will represent a range of experience, from beginners to trained artists, and demonstrates the work accomplished by JAMHI students over the course of the collaboration with Reach and the Canvas Gallery.

The JAMHI educators and coordinators brought students to the Canvas to create some of the art, while some was created elsewhere in conjunction with the project, said Geselle.

"They saw some people really come out of their shells. One person was very resistant at first, but slowly and gradually became fully participatory and created a piece with a hot encaustic wax process."

Upcoming classes

As weather turns colder and wetter, The Canvas will be offering a wider range of classes to tempt the local Juneau community.

Art classes have been expanded to include open lab opportunities. For those who are interested in classes, but desire more time than the typical three-hour sessions, these lab hours will allow students access to supplies and space throughout the week.

Throughout September and October, John Payne and Karen Allenberg will be offering beginning to advanced ceramics classes. These classes will be offered in both three and six week sessions. The three-week sessions are intended to allow interested community members to see how they like the wheel before committing to longer sessions.

On top of the classic art classes, like painting and ceramics, several classes this month will be directed more toward younger age groups.

Barbara Lydon will be teaching a three-week Kid's Sculptural Clay course and a two-week Kids Masks class.

The class will offer an opportunity to, "Get ready for Halloween, update your superhero costume, or make a piece of art for display."

Karen Suderman will be offering a Marionette Theater course Saturdays through the month of October. This class is suggested for kids ages seven to fifteen.

For those looking for a different outlet for pent up fall energy, Geselle will be offering T'ai-chi Ch'uan, "an ancient Chinese exercise consisting of slow, relaxed movements," according to the class description.

For a list of all classes available at the Canvas this month, or more information on upcoming events, visit their website at or call 586-1750.