PUBLISHED: 2:58 PM on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Smart Energy Solutions introduces Marine Battery Brain

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  When Battery Brain detects power falling below the level required to start your engine, it isolates the battery from the electrical system.
Smart Energy Solutions, Inc., inventor and manufacturer of the innovative Battery Brain?, a popular vehicle accessory that keeps drivers from being stranded with a dead battery, announced today that it is broadening its model line-up with the introduction of Marine Battery Brain to answer the needs of the marine community. The U.S. recreational boating industry has a market size of $12.5 B.

Marine Battery Brain, the brainchild of inventor Aharon Levinas, is an original marine accessory that easily installs to any battery. Using unique micro-electronic technology, it continually monitors the battery charge. When Battery Brain detects power falling below the level required to start your engine, it automatically isolates the battery from the electrical system. This will ensure you always have enough power to start your motor.

"This exceptional device is specifically designed for the marine environment," Aharon Levinas, Chief Technical Officer of Smart Energy Solutions, said. "It features, extra rugged construction, salt water corrosion resistance and is fully waterproof. Marine Battery Brain answers the need of all boaters, providing the confidence that your motor will always start. Whether you are a weekend boater or a make a living on the water, it will keep you moving."

"Marine Battery Brain offers safety to every boater and eliminates the fear that they will ever be stranded on the water due to battery failure. Boaters no longer have to worry about listening to their radios for too long or leaving their lights on," said Pete Mateja, CEO of Smart Energy Solutions. "In addition, one of our models offers an anti-theft feature. There are over 12.7 M boats registered in the U.S. and Marine Battery Brain allows Smart Energy Solutions to penetrate this market segment."

This new product will be available shortly through online purchase and leading marine distributors, dealers and retailers.

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