PUBLISHED: 12:29 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2005
What qualities turn a good dish into a great dish? If a recipe has family-pleasing flavor and appearance, offers sound nutrition and lower fat, and is easy to make, it should go to the head of the class. If not, that recipe could benefit from a little "family dinners" homework.

But relax, this is easy. Simply switching to evaporated fat-free milk is great way to increase nutritional benefits and flavor! If your soup, bread, casserole, main dish or dessert recipes call for refrigerated milk, using evaporated fat-free in place of low-fat or fat-free refrigerated milk means getting twice the calcium and protein, zero fat and a richer taste. One-half cup of evaporated fat-free milk has only 100 calories, yet 35% of the Daily Value of calcium and 25% of the Daily Value of vitamin D.

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