PUBLISHED: 12:30 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Scouts show girl power
Seventy-seven girls participated in the Girl Scout 'I Can Do It' day camp from Aug. 16-19 at Eaglecrest Lodge. The camp was staffed by Girl Scout volunteers. Many community volunteers also provided their expertise to the girls, includingECapital City Fire & Rescue, Juneau Police Department, US Forest Service, Bartlett Regional Hospital and Tlingit Elders.

  The dress-for-the-weather relay helps the girls think about what clothes are best for different conditions.

  Officer Sarah Dallas prepares Annastasia Roa, 2nd grade (standing), for getting help in an emergency.

  Every girl had the opportunity to be instructed in archery by Fran Compton, with equipment from Mike Collins of Archery Outfitters. From left: Ashley Adams, 6th grade, followed by Bethany Frawley 6th grade, Sorcha Hazelton 6th grade, and Alyssa Fischer, 7th grade.