PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM on Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Nominations open for Citizen of the Year '06
Juneau Chamber of Commerce
If you know anyone that deserves this honor being named Juneau Citizen of the Year for 2006, send a letter, e-mail or fax to the Chamber of Commerce office describing the reasons you believe this specific person deserves this honor.

If you can, include supporting news articles about the nominee and letters of support from other people that share your views.

This information must reach the chamber office prior to close of business Friday, Sept. 16.

The Citizen of the Year will be announced during the chamber's annual dinner Saturday, Oct. 28, at Centennial Hall.

Submit entries to: Juneau Chamber of Commerce, 3100 Channel Drive, Suite 300, Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: 463-3488 Fax: 463-3489 Email:

The criteria used for selection of the "Juneau Citizen of the Year" include:

a Recipient has personally contributed, by his/her efforts, to the welfare and reputation of the community

a Recipient may be, but need not be, active in business or the professions

a Recipient may be, but need not be, a member of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce

a Recipient's contributions to the community include a significant element of service outside of the source of his or her livelihood