PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM on Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Develop good homework habits
With so many distractions tugging at kids these days, it's no wonder it's hard for some students to develop good homework and study routines.

Some simple tips, however, can help parents help their children establish better habits and work environments for homework success.

As such, the experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics are offering some homework advice for parents and kids, alike:

• Create an environment that is conducive to doing homework. Youngsters need a permanent work space in their bedroom or another part of the home that offers privacy.

• Set aside ample time for homework.

• Be available to answer questions and offer assistance, but never do a child's homework for him or her.

• To help alleviate eye fatigue, neck fatigue and brain fatigue while studying, it's recommended that youngsters close the books for 10 minutes every hour and go do something else.