PUBLISHED: 4:08 PM on Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Together everyone achieves more
We have all seen the NFL commercial of the player who blames shifts to his team members for his mistakes during an interview. At the end of the interview the journalist says, " there is no 'I' in team " and the player follows up with " well, there ain't no 'we' either. "

Well, let me share the definition of team; according to Wikipedia, " a team comprises any group of people linked in a common purpose. "

By definition alone, you cannot have a team comprised off just one individual, so what makes a team and why be apart of one.

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  The Red Cross has 125 years of practice when it comes to teamwork.
Being apart of a team allows common people to achieve uncommon results, for instance the Bears winning the state championship.

Together they learned plays, studied defenses, practiced new positions and allowed those positions to work cooperatively together-allowing for them to obtain a common goal, in this instance, State Champs.

The same holds true with our communities in Southeast Alaska when it comes to awareness and preparedness in a time of crisis.

For example, the American Red Cross responds to single-family house fires. Are we rushing into burning buildings? No, instead we are there as a support to the family, which allows for the fire personnel to do their job of getting the fire under control.

In addition, we help to make sure that they are receiving food and drink to allow them to carry on with there job.

Two agencies with completely different purposes but supplementing each other's efforts so a common goal is achieved: helping a family in their time of need.

Henry Ford said, "Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. "

Nothing great has ever been achieved by just one individual, one may have had the vision but there were others who's help brought it to fruition.

The Red Cross has had 125 years of practice when it comes to teamwork.

People coming together with a common goal in mind, to help others and keeping those individuals involved and together has paved the way to progress; in how we respond to disasters, in how we work together with other community members and progress in the many services and programs we provide.

The Red Cross invites you to join our team in making another 125 years of progress. We all have talents that when put together increase our chance of making tomorrow a better day for families in our communities.

To find out how you can help your community in a variety of different areas, please contact our offices at 463-5713 or come by at 3200 Hospital DR #203 Juneau AK.