PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM on Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Thirteenth Juneau Community Garden Association Harvest Fair
Hundreds of local gardeners, and fans of the art of gardening, took part in the Thirteenth Juneau Community Garden Association Harvest Fair Saturday, at the Community Garden on Montana Creek Road in Juneau. The Fair is the biggest event of the year for the Community Garden. The fair is a chance for the gardeners to celebrate the annual harvest, and to compete in a number of categories. For more information on the Association and Community Garden, contact Juneau district agent Sonja Koukel, 907-465-8756.

  Some of the hundreds of visitors to the Fair walk through the gorgeous display of fall flowers growing in the Community Garden.

  Judges Ken Coate, left, and Don Smith select winning vegetable entries.

  Juneau District Agent Sonja Koukel, right, and Monique Wick judge the entries in the jams and jellies division. Here they're sampling a particularly tasty vinaigrette.

  Volunteers Kathleen Porterfield and Angela Lessard display some of the winning vegetable entries.

  Nelda Stewart and Jeff Koschak judge vegetables.