PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM on Wednesday, August 24, 2005
More Easy Fall Favorites
Aunt Nellie's vegetables, packed in glass jars, taste like homemade. They make perfect side dishes straight from the jar or give a head start to other favorites-from party fare to family meals.

• Beet crostini make colorful, flavorful hors d'oeuvres. Simply chop drained pickled (or plain) beets. Spread prepared toasted bread rounds with plain or seasoned goat cheese; top with beets and minced chives, or other favorite herbs.

• Make a harvest salad. Add sliced plain or pickled beets to mixed greens. Add toasted walnuts, thinly sliced red onion, chickpeas and crumbled blue cheese.

• Sweet and sour red cabbage, well drained, is a delicious sandwich ingredient. Layer thinly sliced ham or corned beef, sliced Swiss cheese and the cabbage on bread, then grill to heat through and melt cheese.

• Serve a side dish of "red." Sauté thinly sliced red onions, red bell pepper strips and red-skinned chopped apple until crisp-tender; stir in sweet and sour red cabbage and drained red kidney beans; heat through.

• Add drained, chopped pickled (or plain) beets to prepared soups for a flavor and nutrition boost.