PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM on Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Thank you Glory Hole
Today is Thursday, the 18th of August, about 9:20 in the morning. It's cold, raining, it's Juneau. After spending the last two nights sleeping with the elements (on the street), I came to realize a few things.

There's a lot of people on the street with no place to go. Many of these people are sick. A few choose to live this way of life. I would not, but I'm between paychecks.

These people should not be looked down on or pitied. I chose to be on the street, rather than a friend's couch. Most others have no choice. But there is a group doing God's work. It is the Glory Hole. On a modest budget they provide three balanced meals a day and shelter for 40 human beings. There were people turned away last night. I was one of them. I thank God they were here for me.

Gregory Pearce