1. What's the most important thing customers should know about your business?
Making Local Work: Imagination Station 082212 BUSINESS 2 Capital City Weekly 1. What's the most important thing customers should know about your business?
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Making Local Work: Imagination Station

1. What's the most important thing customers should know about your business?

We are a locally owned, family run toy store. We offer high quality specialty toys for all ages. Our selection of products includes games, art, science, building dress-up, pretend, and baby toys. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and we offer free gift wrapping.

2. What are your company's Alaskan inspirations?

Our inspiration is all around us in this beautiful place we are blessed to live in and in the diverse and individual people who populate this state. Alaska is a truly unique and beautiful state.

3. What sets you apart from non-local businesses?

Juneau is our home and we are invested in running a business that is not only good for our family, but good for our community. We try and provide products that provide positive play experiences for little and big kids. Playing is learning and learning can be fun!

4. What's the biggest change your business has made in the last year?

We started a web page, Our goal is to reach out to those customers who can't make it to our brick and mortar store.

5. What are the changes you're planning to make in the coming year?

We don't have any big changes planned for the upcoming year, but will continue to try and improve our web page and the offerings of our brick and mortar store.

6. How do you reach customers throughout Southeast?

We now have an e-commerce web page available for our Southeast customers to use. It is fully activated for customers to look at and purchase toys as well as find contact information.

7. What are the challenges of running a local business in Southeast?

Our limited transportation options makes getting product to Juneau economically challenging. We try to keep our prices competitive while battling with ever increasing shipping costs.

8. What makes your business unique?

Our wonderful and knowledgeable staff who genuinely enjoy the product and customers that they work with is our strong point. We also have an array of unique and quality toys and playthings for the young and the young at heart.

9. How does your business give back to your community? (Volunteering, donations, etc.)

We donate to many organizations, especially those related to children and education. We also work with interns from the high school and have volunteered for various community events and groups.

10. What advice would you have for an Alaskan start-up business in 2011?

Have a good business plan that reflects both your vision and also your research. You will need both to succeed.