PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Who is your favorite teacher and why?

"Ms. Neimeyer, at JDHS. Because I'm in making clothing, and I learned it from taking that class. Thanks to her I have a career now." - Bryan Caradang

"Mr. Mercer, of Dzantiki Heeni Middle School. He's the most awesome teacher, and made it fun for the students to learn." - Ella Tiedemann

"My agricultural teacher in Montana because he was a very good teacher and had a passion for what he did." - Amanda Cloud

"David Koss, of St. Edward High School in Cleveland, Ohio, because he was a forward-thinking psychology teacher. He cut through the meat of the topic." - Bob Doran

"Mr. Hiltner from Harborview, because he's nice, fun and very smart." - Jose Lamas

"Mr. James Bennett at Yaakoos. He pays attention to everyone in the class, has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh. He is really smart and knows a lot about math and how it's used in the real world." - Professor Strange*