PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Mobile mammogram van in Hoonah
HOONAH - The mobile mammogram van is making a visit to Hoonah starting with appointments running through the afternoon Friday, Aug. 24.

Women wanting to schedule a mammogram should call Carlie Brown of the Hoonah Medical Center at 945-3235.

Women who aren't due for a screening for a couple of months also should call, because it's possible the mobile mammogram van might be able to fit you in for an exam.

Women with no insurance and/or a limited income may be eligible for a free mammogram. To find out if you qualify for a free mobile mammogram, contact the Hoonah Medical Center or call the SEARHC Breast and Cervical Health Program at 1-888-388-8782.

All women wanting a mammogram will need to arrange to have a current clinical breast exam (done within the past six months) before they schedule their mammogram appointment.

The mobile mammography program is run through a partnership between Bartlett Regional Hospital and the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Breast and Cervical Health Program. Enrollments in the SEARHC WISEWOMAN cardiovascular health program also will be available when the mobile mammogram van is in Hoonah.