PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Teams compete to raise money for Team Diabetes
The Pennock Island Challenge was started in 2004 and features an 8.2 mile course around Pennock Island.

The race is the centerpiece of Team Diabetes fund raising in Ketchikan.

The course is sheltered from strong ocean surf, but can become very choppy due to wind.

The 2007 race started from the southern end of Pennock Island heading north up the east channel of the Tongass Narrows with views of Ketchikan and Deer Mountain. Making the turn up the north end took you up the west channel where it feels as through you have left the world behind.

2007 Pennock Island Challenge results

Solo non-wetsuit

Bruckner Chase of Ocean City, N.J. with kayaker Michelle Chase, 3:01:37 1

Michelle Macy of Beaverton, Ore with kayaker Mike Rath, 3:09:14

William Schulz of Ketchikan with kayaker Alec Dickenson, 3:12:49

Tim Waid of Missouri with kayaker DJ O'Brien, 3:26:32

James Pitar of Australia with kayaker Matt Logan, 3:29:25

Suzie Dodds of San Francisco with kayaker Bob Young, 3:59:02

Alex McJunkin of San Francisco with kayaker Joan Haab, 4:29:07

Claudia Rose of San Diego with kayaker Gayle Nixon, 4:31:01

Solo wetsuit

Luiz Castro of Brazil with kayaker James Kleinschmidt, 3:02:09

Shanon Titzel of Anchorage with kayaker Sherry VanSant, 3:07:10

Jill Vukmanic of Beaverton, Ore. with kayaker Eli Murph, 3:13:44 3

Elizabeth Einset of Ketchikan with kayaker Mike Schuler, 3:25:32

Lyn Montague of Anchorage with kayaker Missy Anderson, 3:42:00

Andy Gross of Ketchikan with kayaker Emily Smith, 3:46:29

Nell Loften of Anchorage with kayaker Marggie Sweetman, 3:59:45

Tim Peters of Anchorage

with kayaker Angie Taggart, 4:26:55

Nancy Kavan of Anchorage with kayaker Dave Sweetman, 4:27:55

2-person relay non-wetsuit

Bo Meredith and Rocky Elerding of Ketchikan with kayaker Allegra Machado and boat skipper Mike Elerding

2-person relay wetsuit

Cheryl Elliott and Susan Doherty of Ketchikan with kayaker Tina Peckham and boat skipper Dan Eichner

Debbie Spence and Britta Christiansen of Ketchikan with kayaker Taylor Murph and boat skipper Greg Updike

Kelly Piazza and Melinda Walker of Ketchikan and Anchorage with kayaker Mike Piazza and boat skipper Thomas Montgomery

Cheryl Wagner and Kristen Loughlin of Washington, D.C. with kayaker Scott Bowlen and boat skipper Elena Rath

4-person relay wetsuit

Mike Spence, Larry Pullin, Glynn Seaburg and Dave Gray of Ketchikan with kayaker Anne Miletich and boat skipper Doug McPherson

Kim Raimer, Elizabeth Kafel, Kim Brokenhagen and Jane Barry of Portland, Ore. with kayaker Gretchen Skillings and boat skipper Cliff Skillings

India Hunter, Henry MacPherson, Robert Werner and David Chamerlain of Anchorage with kayakers Elsa and Dale and boat skipper Tom Schulz