PUBLISHED: 4:36 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
CrossSound's 'Fault Lines' program in Juneau Sept. 1
The American Northwest is connected through a vast and dense web of fault lines. Living with the possibility of the occasional shake up is a connecting experience for the people that live here. CrossSound's latest program named "Fault Lines" is bringing the newest music to Sitka, Juneau and Haines by outstanding musicians who share our shaky Northwestern experience.

The CrossSound Sinfonietta's accomplished SitkaSound division, with Susan Brandt-Ferguson, John De Palatis, Roger Schmidt, and Mike Sullivan, are joined by Phillippe Damerval (Juneau), Philip Munger (Palmer), and Rick Trostel (Juneau), the Sitka High School students Branden Forst and Helen West, as well as the brilliant contemporary music ensemble, QUAKE from Seattle. QUAKE was formed and named during the 2001 Seattle Earthquake. Our guest conductor is a star from Vancouver, B.C. - Owen Underhill.

The colorful program features four world premieres of new works commissioned for Alaskan musicians and audiences by CrossSound, Alaska's adventurous new music organization:

• "CrossSound Fable" for nine players by moody and atmospheric composer Garrett Fisher from Seattle.

• "Shards II" for bugle solo and six players and by politically astute composer Philip Munger from Palmer.

• "Nice Work Kid. Don't Come Back." for six players also by Philip Munger.

• "Sakalaka" for six players by the magical composer Owen Underhill from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The program also features music by CrossSound veterans Peter Child, CrossSound Artistic Director Stefan Hakenberg, and Cord Meijering, all whom have already enjoyed great success with Southeast audiences. More information at or call 586-9601.

Concert tickets are $18 for general admission and $12 for students and seniors. Group rates for parties of five or more are available. Family members of active duty military personal are free.

Call 209-3043 for other need-based discounts. A CrossSound pass is $33 for general admission and $27 for students and seniors.

For more information, call 586-ARTS or send e-mail to