PUBLISHED: 6:00 PM on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Juneau Artists Gallery features new member Michael Murray
The Juneau Artists Gallery is introducing its newest member, Michael James Murray.

Murray is a landscape and wildlife photographer who focuses on distinctive animal portraits and atmospheric landscapes.

There will be a First Friday opening reception for Murray at the Juneau Artists Gallery, located at 175 South Franklin Street, on Sept. 5 from 4:30 to 7 pm.

  Michael Murray
Murray will be at the gallery during the opening, and his work will continue to be on display along with the work of the other 25 member artists of the gallery.

Murray is the son of an Army Warrant Officer and grew up all over the world. He continued his travels by attending a small Liberal Arts college in New York and then law school in California. He practiced law for seven years in Dallas, Boston, and New York City, before moving to Juneau in 2006.

photos courtesy of Michael Murray
  Wildlife and landscape photographer Michael Murray's work focuses on animal portraits. His images will be on display Sept. 5 at the Juneau Artists Gallery.
Michael is also an aspiring writer and has written several short stories, screenplays, and a novel. From his perspective as a writer and attorney, he approaches photography less as an art form than a discipline. The critical elements to capturing an excellent photo, in his estimation, are time, proper technique, and integrity.

Taken literally, photo-graphy means light-writing. A photo is an attempt to tell a story with light. The story could be so many things: a fishing eagle, a sleepy bear, the break of sunrise through morning mist. And the photographer's art is to capture that story in a paragraph of perfect light, at the critical dramatic moment, in a carefully composed phrase of frame. Southeast Alaska is a treasure-trove of such light-narratives.

Murray has logged many miles hefting a tripod and camera kit, on foot and by kayak. Michael has lived around the world including South Korea, Germany, England, Boston, and New York City, but failed to find subject matter that rivals Southeast Alaska's.

Murray's work can also be viewed at