PUBLISHED: 6:00 PM on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Natural healing
Dr. Warren Grossman to hold book signing, workshops revealing secrets of the Earth's healing powers
JUNEAU - Twenty years ago, Dr. Warren Grossman returned from a vacation in Brazil with a parasite that doctors said would kill him within days. Grossman returned to his home to die, and for months he lay prone fighting for his life.

After six months Grossman looked out the window and decided he wanted to go outside, but when he pulled himself from the bed, he fell to the floor from lack of strength. Determined, he dragged himself outside so that he could lie in the yard.

  photo courtesy of Warren Grossman
He had lost the ability to track with his eyes, and this directed his focus to the earth, and learned to feel the earth's energy.

"I needed to focus on something," he said, "so I focused on the feel of the earth on my body. Over the weeks, I felt stronger and healthier through the physical experience with the earth."

At the end of that year, healthy enough to return to work part time, Grossman began to see patients again. At this point, he said, he realized that people were glowing. As a Psychologist, his first thought was that he was hallucinating, but he decided to sit back and enjoy the glow. Then he realized that his patients were improving quickly, and he started to use the glow to diagnose his patients.

When a client called and asked him to treat his cancer, Grossman realized that his life had changed. It was at this point that he closed his office and began to follow the path of earth healing.

Grossman will be sharing natural methods of healing with the Juneau community over Labor Day weekend, with a book signing Aug. 27 and a workshop Aug. 28-31.

"I will be teaching healers to manage energy in natural ways," Grossman said. "It can be taught quickly and simply."

Grossman said he will first work on teaching attendees simple skills for living happy, healthy lives. Then next step will be to go out into nature to feel the environment.

"Most attendees will be prejudiced toward saving nature," Grossman said. "The workshop makes people into eco-warriors."

The Juneau ecology has Grossman particularly excited about this workshop. In past experiences, he said, healthy environments have heightened the experience of the tools he teaches. Juneau has more water and richer soil through which to connect than Cleveland, Ohio where Grossman is from.

"Water heightens the effect," Grossman said, "The whole process is in Technicolor."

Grossman has a PhD in Psychology, but he doesn't feel that it has served him over the past twenty years. He believes that he became a better psychologist after he learned to harness the energy of the earth.

According to Grossman, those who attend the workshop will learn the skills that he learned through his process of healing. He encourages people to learn these skills to use in their own lives, to incorporate the natural world into their daily life.

Grossman concedes that these ideas may seem foreign or even archaic, but believes that it is a cultural context that can be changed.

"The question is," he said, "how do you apply these ideas to this society?"

Grossman will be interviewed at 3pm on KTOO and will be appearing at 7pm Wednesday Aug. 27 for a book signing at Hearthside Books in the Nugget Mall.

Grossman will offer a workshop from Aug. 28-31, teaching the techniques he has picked up over twenty years of studying Earth Healing. The workshop is sponsored by Turning the Tides.

For more information or to sign up for Grossman's workshop contact Dixie Belcher at 907.789.0449 or

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