PUBLISHED: 12:18 PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

Emily Mathews

Mme Buckwalter because she makes learning fun and exciting. She makes you laugh and still allows the classroom to learn.

Business Owner
Marilyn Josephson

My third grade teacher Mrs. Prather. After she let me sleep through story time, I missed the bus on the 1st day of school. She never let me miss it or recess again.

Retail Employee
Franny Sweeters

My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Walker because it was in her class I met all my friends that I still have today. I love them all!

Passenger Service Agent
Victoria Otton

Bob and Margaret Andrews, they're the best people you can meet!

Marketing Director
Kathy Buell

Mrs. Price. She kept her classes in line and wasn't afraid to say when she was wrong. Every teacher should learn how to be a teacher from her.

Aircraft Maintenance
Margo Hager

C. Dryhurst, calm, patient and excellent sense of humor.