PUBLISHED: 12:19 PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Grammar Game Helps Kids Make the Grade

  Learning can be fun. Sentence game improves language and grammar skills.
(MS) - Educators and parents alike often look for refreshing ways to entice children to learn. When all the right factors fall into place - the child is a natural student, there are sufficient teaching resources available, and the curriculum is current and interesting -Eit can be easy for your child to excel. However, when the "perfect picture" is not the case, or you need some creative supplementation, parents and teachers are left searching for ways to improve students' ability to learn.


There are many factors that can make fostering language skills challenging:

• Multiculturalism - More than ever, we are a society of mixed nationalities, languages and cultures. For many, English is a second or third language. In addition, the student may be the only English speaker at home.

• Inadequate funding - Unfortunately many schools have to reign in budgets for educational supplements beyond textbooks. Teachers are then faced with limited opportunities for inspiring lesson plans, unless they pay for these items out of pocket.

• Learning disabilities - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities can play a role in how children process information. Language skills and grammar can be affected greatly, especially for those who struggle to learn.


Surprisingly, the way to motivate such a diverse student body to improve language skills doesn't require a barrage of tests or professional advice. The solution can be as simple as engaging them in an activity that masks learning through play. Enter "Sentence SaysTM" The Quick-Thinking Sentence Creation GameTM, from MarBanTM Industries, Inc. The award-winning game challenges players to create a bona-fide sentence from letter cards while playing against time, action cards, and the judgment of other players. All the while, they are protecting sentences and points from being stolen by opponents.

What's beneficial about Sentence Says is that it gives children (and adults) a chance to learn at the pace that best suits them - regardless of skill level. For example, consider the following cards dealt to a player: M, S, B, J, A and D. Lower-level students might concoct the sentence: "Big Dogs Make Sally Jump Around," while more advanced learners may come up with: "Differences Between Jacket Sizes Are Miniscule." As language skills continue to develop, players' sentences will become more complicated and creative.


A game like Sentence Says has advantages in and out of the classroom. It can be used as a game by teachers, splitting up students into teams competing against each other for points. These points can be traded in for "no homework passes" or other academic incentives. The game also works well as an education booster at home. Factor it into back-to-school plans as a refresher course before the new year begins. Or, use it as a supplement for learning. The kids benefit from socialization and fun, all the while learning important grammar and writing skills important throughout their school career...and life.

"My entire family loves playing this game and I love that my kids are learning to perfect their grammar skills in a fun way," says Maria Salazar, mother of three.

Recent accolades for Sentence Says include a Dr. Toy's Top 100 Children's Products award, a Parents' Choice Foundation award, an iParenting Media Hot Award, a Creative Child magazine Seal of Excellence and an Education Explorations five-star review.

The game is available in specialty toy, book, game and educational supply stores, at or by calling 1-800-959-8611.