The Total Eclipse Experience (A birth allegory) by Amy Pinney
Writers' Weir: The Total Eclipse Experience 081617 AE 1 Capital City Weekly The Total Eclipse Experience (A birth allegory) by Amy Pinney

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Writers' Weir: The Total Eclipse Experience

The Total Eclipse Experience

(A birth allegory)

by Amy Pinney

It is more beautiful than imagined

The sun moves into node position

The head drops low and engages

The suns’ diameter is small

And the moonchild seems large

It’s the perigree

Lasting a good three hours

And peaking in the second stage

Temperatures are hot

By the aphelion solar angle

Don’t watch directly

Filter your experience with regard

While the entrancing miracle enfolds

Hold your lover’s hand

While the sphere emerges, slowly

Day turns to night

Stars twinkle in angelic light

A fortuitous combination of circumstances

For this one moment in a lifetime


The intense burning of the sun

Obscured in a Ring of Fire

Crowning, in solar plasma

Your breath is lost

Feeling time stop

Bailey’s beads glimmer ‘round moon

And roll down the forehead

Bands of light wave across the sky

And through the abdomen

Afterbirth, pure joy

It’s unreal

It’s divine

Moon and sun’s matrimony

With a shining diamond ring

Ephemeral glowing light

Surrounding a black disk

And a child

For seven minutes

You take it in, the details

Sky, stars, planets

Fingers, toes, and nose

Unique like none before or after

Brought to you by the heavens

Idly slipping from embrace

Screenings, exams

Birds resume their chirping

Family and friends alerted, participating

From Oregon to South Carolina

The connection grows and bonds

Then the moment passes

A fixed memory will last forever

Of the transcendent pairing of celestial bodies

On Monday, August 21, 2017.

Amy Pinney would like to dedicate this poem to all the babies born during the month of the Total Eclipse, and to all the skywatchers who will be enjoying the show of the Path of Totality.