PUBLISHED: 5:26 PM on Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Ballot measure to help charities
How much longer should the people of Alaska subsidize the multi-national cruise ship industry?

We have provided them with places to park their boats, drive their big busses and airports for the flights home again.

They in turn, take (for free) the beauty of Alaska and sell it to eager visitors for a lot of money.

Many charities in Alaska are funded from proceeds of the pull-tabs, bingo, rat races or other legal gambling.

The cruise industry takes ALL the money back to wherever they came from.

This industry lobbied for and got major tax breaks from the State Legislature.

They do not have to pay corporate or income tax on any of their ocean going operations. Ships registered in third world countries even avoid paying U.S. income tax and wages.

If passed, ballot measure 2 will require cruise lines to begin paying the same taxes that Alaskan companies must pay. It will force them to pay the same amount as local charity gambling operations.

They will need to comply with all Alaska water quality standards that everyone else does. Ballot measure 2 is fair and should have been passed years ago!

Vote YES on 2, it's the right thing to do!

Barbara Mellott

Kenai, Alaska