PUBLISHED: 5:26 PM on Tuesday, August 15, 2006
No. 2 full of misconceptions
There is a general misconception about Ballot Measure #2. It is much more than just a tourism head tax.

As often occurs in legislation, the creators of this initiative added additional sections to this 3000 word document with requirements the average citizen would not bother to read or learn about.

The composers of the initiative are counting on that.

One section that is most offensive is Section 10b.

This section of the initiative requires that any tour sales conducted aboard the ship must "disclose the amount of commission or percentage of the total sale retained or returned to the person making the sale."

Can the creators of this initiative really believe the ship passengers don't understand the ships are getting paid for selling their product?

That is an insult to their intelligence.

Think about it. Whose business is it anyway? No one requires a passenger to purchase a tour or any other shore-side activity.

The price they pay is the price they agree to pay. If it is too expensive they will refuse to pay it.

Every business I know of has a "profit margin."

That is how employees are paid, equipment purchased, federal, state and local taxes paid, and other business improvements accomplished.

Unlike government employees, when businesses need more money they have to work for it, they can't simply "justify" it to the legislature and have their budget increased.

No matter the justification, a business has to have money to pay for its operation.

A letter to the editor in Skagway used the analogy of having the grocery store post in 14 point type the difference between what they pay the wholesaler and what they charge the customer for a head of lettuce.

That writer is correct. The price the grocer asks is a business decision and the wholesaler's charge to the grocer is confidential information, as it should be.

It will be onerous to all tour related business if this initiative passes.

Our business does not contract with the ships to sell our tours, but if we did, what we paid them and what they paid us would be and should be confidential.

I am asking you to vote NO on Ballot Measure #2.

Dot Wilson

Coastal Helicopters