PUBLISHED: 9:28 AM on Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Derby entries, earnings up for 2006 event
Golden North Salmon Derby
In just about every aspect, the 60th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby was a big success, Derby officials reported this week.

A total of 1976 anglers entered the Derby, an increase of about 50 from 2005.

And they were more successful than last year, at least based on the total number and pounds of fish weighed in and donated to benefit the Territorial Sportsmen's scholarship fund.

A total of 30,662 pounds of fish were donated by competing anglers, Derby Co-chairman Ron Somerville said. Of that total, 25,222 pounds was "scholarship" fish, those anglers chose to donate to the fundraiser rather than weighing for a chance to win one of the drawing prizes.

"Scholarship fish were up quite a bit," Somerville said.

Anglers weighed another 347 of the largest fish, totaling 5440 pounds, to qualify for the 100 prizes available for the 100 biggest fish.

"The quality of the fish was also up," Somerville said, which translated into more income from fish sales. This year's Derby grossed $38,994 from the fish sold, he said.

"We should net $30,000 after costs," Somerville said.

Taku Smokeries bought this year's Derby fish, as they have for several years. That income should easily fund the minimum of three 4-year $10,000 scholarships that TSI awards local high school students each year, Somerville said.

One of the 12 tagged fish, all of which were worth at least $1,000 and one was worth $100,000, was caught by Derby co-chairman Mal Linthwaite. He earned $1,000 for that fish.

Juneau's Ken Camp caught another of the tagged fish the day before the derby. He chose to release the fish, and noticed Derby officials, who decided to award Camp $200 for his honesty and his commitment to the Derby.

New Juneau resident Ron Repplinger won this year's Derby with a 30.8-pound king he weighed in at lunch on the final day of the event. That fish narrowly edged out James Johnson's 30-pounder for second place and Sonny Ashby's 29.1-pounder for third.

All of the top 30 fish were kings.

James Eakin had the Derby's top coho, a hefty 19-pounder caught on the final day.

Sam Cartmill had the second largest coho, an 18.3-pounder entered Saturday, followed by Tim Lee's 18.3-pounder weighed in on Sunday.

Of the 347 fish weighed in, 143 were kings and 204 Cohoes. The kings averaged 16.9 pounds, the Cohoes 12.3 pounds.

In the 60 years of the Derby, the Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation has awarded 232 scholarships worth $1.26 million.

"More than 50 percent of our scholarship winners come back to Alaska (to work) after finishing school," Somerville said.

"And a big portion of those return to Juneau."

Bill Peters and Heather Marlow are co-chairman for the 2007 Derby, scheduled for Aug. 3-5, 2007.

Anglers who did not win anything in the Derby still have a chance to compete, by submitting photographs to the Derby Photo Contest.

Photos should be mailed to P.O. Box 20761, Juneau, AK 99802 or emailed to, by Sept. 15.

Submissions should include contact information for the photographer, plus information on who's pictured in the photo.

Winning photographer will receive 2007 Derby entry tickets for up to five members of his or her household.