PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Red Cross director named for Southeast
The American Red Cross of Alaska announces Alice Albrecht as the newly appointed district director.

Albrecht, a long-time resident of 32 years, joins the Red Cross after serving as office manager for REACH, Inc. an organization that employs 220 people and works with over 400 disabled children and adults.

Prior to that, Albrecht was employed with the Department of Health and Social Services where she spearheaded Automated External Defibrillator policy development for the purchase and placement of some of the first AEDs in state offices.

  Alice Albrecht
Albrecht remains active with REACH and its community art studio. She also is an active supporter of JAMHI and ORCA programs.

She said she is an avid HDTV viewer and enjoys incorporating design ideas into her own place. Among her favorite shows is Rezoned, where they take an old commercial building and turn it into a spectacular new home. Albrecht also stays active with friend Linda Hulse by bike riding or hiking the many trails of Juneau a few times a week, and enjoys quiet time with her dog Bandit and fiancé Steve Tidwell.

"Alaska is a very rural state and in an emergency, help may be hours away. Imagine a state where all high school students, all drivers, all new parents and babysitters, knew what to do in an emergency," Albrecht said. "I would also like to see AEDs in malls, grocery stores, docks and harbors, in high risk businesses or if you employ anyone at risk, buy an AED for your office. The cost out-weighs their loss of life."

She said in the event of cardiac arrest, with CPR and an AED there is an 85 percent survival rate. Waiting 10 minutes for an ambulance decreases the survival rate by as much as 10 percent each minute.

"I would like to encourage Southeast Alaskans to call the American Red Cross and set up a training for yourself and your family members, and encourage businesses to call and inquire about AED placement and trainings. The life you save might be your own child," Albrecht said.

An open house and reception will be held from 4:30-7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24, at the offices of the Red Cross, located at 3200 hospital DR # 203. For more information or to RSVP for this event please call 209-1568.