Dear Rex,
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Ask Rex: Riding in Trucks

Dear Rex,

Last week my friend was killed when he fell out of his human's pick up truck. Everyone is crying and sad. All they are left with is a huge vet bill and some pictures. I have even heard them blaming my buddy for being "dumb" and standing up on the side of the truck. I ride in my family's truck and have always been a bit miffed that she chained me to an area where I cannot hang over or reach the side. Now, I see what she was getting at. How do we let folks know about this?

Sad Truck Rider

Dear Sad,

Sorry about your loss. I know what you are saying. I, too, have lost friends and relatives after falls from the back of trucks. One friend was killed when he fell out of the back of a truck when it stopped suddenly and he fell out and under the wheels of the car behind it. I have lots of horror stories like that. It is never pretty. I think most people think that their dog is too smart or well trained to jump out of the truck. And of course we are too smart. But, even the smartest and surest of foot amongst us can't help falling out if the truck stops suddenly, or gets hit. Hopefully folks will realize leaving us free in the back of a truck is more than something that is against the law (which it is), but that we need their help to stay safe. I personally have never fallen out of a truck, but I used to be able to hang my head out of the window. Then I got hit in the face with some debris and had to have eye surgery to remove it. That hurt! I wish my human would get me doggles (goggles for dogs) but she just doesn't let me hang my head out any more. And my little neighbor got killed when she was riding in the drivers lap and he stopped suddenly and went forward into the steering wheel and squished her. That one seemed like a no brainer to me. I mean really. You wouldn't do that with your kid why would you do it with your dog? Anyway, we are all learning. I just hope folks will take the time to love us enough to keep us safe.


Rex is a Border Collie who is employed by the Gastineau Humane Society. He works part time as an advice columnist and pet detective.

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