PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM on Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Commission announces public hearing on lessons learned from energy crisis
JUNEAU - The City and Borough of Juneau's Lessons Learned Commission is seeking public response to their draft report being sent to Mayor Bruce Botelho about the handling of the April 16 avalanches and the resulting loss of hydropower from Snettisham Hydro Project.

Copies of the report will be available for public viewing no later than Aug. 15 at

Before a final document is submitted to the mayor, the commission will hold a public hearing Aug. 20 to gain feedback from the community. This hearing will be held in the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly Chambers.

"Insights from the public most assuredly will affect the final document," said Sally Smith, chair of the three-member commission.

Smith said the document will ultimately serve as a guide for handling similar events in the future through the public's experience and assessment of what did and didn't work

At the hearing, Commissioners Bob Martin, Rick Edwards and Sally Smith will be joined by Mike Conway of Mac Services, who is writing the report on behalf of the commission. Assisting Conway will be Dave Eley.

The hearing panel is requesting that each person or group plan for presentations of three minutes or less, citing observations about the draft document, their personal circumstances related to the handling of the situation and/or suggestions for defining responses for a similar event. Those with in depth, detailed observations are encouraged to submit them in writing and then highlight their findings during the hearing.

During the Aug. 20 hearing, AEL&P will present a short slide show that documents the reconstruction of the avalanche site.

After the hearing, a final draft will be reviewed at the commission's meeting scheduled for Sept. 17 and a final report will be delivered to Mayor Botelho two days later.