PUBLISHED: 4:43 PM on Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Special pediatric clinic comes to Klawock
KLAWOCK - Pediatric nurse practitioner Nancy Cavanaugh will be in Klawock Aug. 18-22 to see patients ages 0-21 at the Alicia Roberts Medical Center.

While in Klawock, Cavanaugh will be able to provide well-child exams, sports physicals and school immunizations. These pediatric exams are available for all ages of youth, not just infants, and this is a good time to beat the back-to-school rush for physicals. This is Cavanaugh's second trip to Prince of Wales Island this summer and on this trip she's hoping to see more teens, her specialty age group.

A well-child exam is a the best way for parents to ensure their children's health problems are diagnosed and treated early, before they become more complex and costly to treat. The exam looks at a child's development, social, physical, nutrition and health history, and it includes necessary dental and vision care referrals, immunizations and child health guidance for parents.

Well-child exams are covered by the Indian Health Service for all beneficiaries. They also are covered by most private insurance plans, and by Denali KidCare or Medicaid for families that qualify. To find out if your family qualifies for Denali KidCare, go to

For more information and to schedule an appointment for one of these special pediatric exams in Klawock, contact the Alicia Roberts Medical Center at 755-4800.