PUBLISHED: 4:44 PM on Wednesday, August 13, 2008
August Match of the Month: Rosie and Alicia
KETCHIKAN - They're just about warm now on that cold target-practice day.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) "Big Sister" Rosie and "Little Sister" Alicia took a two-day Basic Hunter Education Course, offered by Alaska Department of Fish & Game, available to all BBBS Big and Little matches. Passing the written test, live-fire exercise, and hunter skills course earned each of them a Basic Hunter card.

Who would have known this hunting education opportunity would have come along for Bigs and their Littles?

Rosie says the magic of her match is that her Little Sister Alicia knows Rosie is there for her and only her.

"It's that twinkle she has in her eye when I arrive to see her, that goes beyond a gesture of recognition," Rosie said. "That is what I look forward to each week."

Alicia's mother thinks the match of her daughter with Rosie is an "awesome" one, and that they have a good relationship.

One of Alicia's favorite activities with Rosie is playing a basketball game called "H-O-R-S-E." While each player shoots hoops from various positions, trying to be the first to score points for each of the letters in the word, they attract curious onlookers who soon become their new friends.

Rosie and Alicia had fun making Valentine's Day cards for one another and doing more usual things like reading, drawing, playing card games, playing tetherball and swinging on the swings.

Through all these BBBS activities, Alicia has gained one more mentoring adult who cares about her and helps create fun times.

Rosie and Alicia have a lot in common: Each is the only blonde in the family, the middle child between two sisters and one brother, and both are Geminis, and halves - Rosie is half Mexican and Alicia is half Native.

"BBBS couldn't have done a better job matching us together," Rosie said.

Whatever the activity, the most important thing for the match is to spend time together.

"The great thing about the time I spend with Alicia is we don't have to have big plans," Rosie said. "It's really about just being there, on time, consistently. It's about spending just a little of your time; time that is focused on the child."

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