PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM on Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Take time out for 'date night'
Date Night starts at 4:15.

The second week of August and there is a definite nip in the air as we begin to prepare for fall.

Our children are preparing to head back to school, and mom and dad are busy with the purchases of school supplies and final preparations for the school year ahead, so what better way to have some grown-up time than a relaxing wine cruise on Sept. 9.

There is a little thing I like to call "Date Night," which many of us forget to indulge in after the birth of our children, and after a summer of fishing, gardening, camping and numerous arts and crafts, not to mention the hundreds of other activities we do with our children, we have earned the right to three hours with other grown-ups, having grown-up conversation and calling each other by our first names instead of mama and papa, after all we did have a identity outside of our children before their conception.

We, as all good parents do, put the needs of our kids first and forget to nurture that part of our relationship, which became the very reason for their existence.

We learn to eat standing up and become experts at cleaning up spilt milk and broken china. We learn how to multi task in ways that even God could not imagine keeping our little cherubs from danger while cooking dinner, doing laundry and talking on the phone, and we fall into bed at night with nothing more than a muffled "goodnight" to our spouse.

Well, here is a chance to rediscover one another, to hold hands and steal kisses when no one is looking. To dance and whisper in each others ear as you hold one another with out reservation.

To walk silently under a cover of stars and feel the caress of the wind, to remember what it is to be in love or at least alone for a couple of hours without the constant demands that children make of their parents.

So join us for this benefit cruise on Sept. 9. You will enjoy fine wine, food and music with the one who holds your heart until the end of time.

This evening of Wine and Whales will be brought to you by the American Red Cross of Alaska, Southeast District and all proceeds from this three-hour tour will stay in Southeast Alaska to help us in our continuing mission to prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies here at home and our neighboring communities in Southeast.

The cost for this event is $95 for one ticket or $175 for our "Date Night" friends. If you are unable to join us for this adventure and want to help sponsor our evening, we would be happy to place a business card sized ad in our Wine and Whales Souvenir guide for $75. A full page sponsorship is $500, and you will get two tickets to come aboard and experience the multi-sensory delights of Alaska in true Red Cross style.

Tickets are available at Annie Kaills, both locations of the JRC - Alaska Club and the American Red Cross office, so come along and sail away with me and the crew from the office.

We have limited tickets available so don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today and together we can raise our glasses in toast to health, community and the chance to spend some alone time with the one you love most.

For more information please contact your American Red Cross office at 463-5713.