PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM on Wednesday, August 8, 2007
New employees hired for Iowa office
Renee Schofield of TSS, Inc. announces the hiring of Karen Miller and Kelly Baum as senior collection technicians in the Keokuk, Iowa office. Miller and Baum will begin their duties upon completion of collection technician training in Ketchikan.

"I am thrilled to have these two women accept positions with TSS, Inc. They bring a great variety of skills to our Keokuk office. I am confident that with their leadership, our clients will see their safety programs become more efficient and productive," Schofield said.

Both women will travel to Alaska for an intensive eight-day training session. The training will be consistent with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association standards. Upon completion, they will be nationally certified in collection of urine, breath, saliva, and hair for drug testing. They will also be trained DNA collection for paternity testing.