PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM on Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Ketchikan couple takes a drive with array of business ventures
When John and Jillian Malouf first started Alaska Amphibious Tours in 2001, they never looked back and they never rested on their laurels.

After starting with a single "duck" in 2001, they eventually grew their paddling of ducks to three; The Kody J., The Alex J., and The Maximum Fisher (each named after their three boys.) In 2004 they branched out with the debut of Alaska Hummer Tours, starting then with two Hummers, and eventually expanding their stable in 2006 to five Hummers. For more information, go online to

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  John and Jillian Malouf of Ketchikan first started Alaska Amphibious Tours in 2001, and now are owners of Alaska Hummer Tours and Alaska Classic Rides.
This season they have continued to branch out and expand upon their offerings with the debut of Alaska Classic Rides, which is online at

Alaska Classic Rides offer visitors yet another "very cool" way to explore the sites and scenery of Ketchikan in styles from that can be described as "muscle" to "chic." John had already owned his stormy blue 56 Ford F-100 when it occurred to him that he had seen such offerings in other places, and that would certainly make for a new attraction in Ketchikan.

Knowing that it would take at least a couple of more additions to the stable to get things going, after a little bit of shopping they picked up a 66 Ford Mustang Coupe and a 69 Camaro SS from Arizona, and had them shipped up to Ketchikan. John and Jillian do have plans on adding to the stable, and you can pretty much bet that with their senses of style and innate ability to capture upon offerings to Ketchikan, this "cool new venture" will just get cooler.

Their services are available to locals and with a local discount.