PUBLISHED: 4:37 PM on Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Denali Park Resorts turns to alternative energy solutions
While the green trend is often glamorized, it is the not-so-sexy aspects of going green that really make a difference.

Things like recycled clothing and eco-friendly buildings tend to take all the glory. But, recycling programs such as the recycling program in place at Denali Park Resorts or the new Articlean Ozone Laundry System and even a hybrid bus program are getting measurable results on the green front. Laundry, trash and buses: are they trendy? Is Mother Earth already reaping the rewards? You betcha.

Celebs have already made driving a hybrid car hip. Now, it's hybrid buses that will be making waves on the green front.

Denali Park Resorts added a hybrid bus through Cascadia International to its existing fleet of tour buses July 17, making it the first hybrid bus in Denali National Park. The hybrid bus employs a diesel engine with an 80-kilowatt powertrain, including a transmission, batteries and an electronic motor. The fuel-efficient and emissions-reducing bus specifically reduces fuel economy by 70 percent and reduces CO2 emissions by 40 percent, respectively. Kinetic energy is recovered during regenerative braking, thus charging the batteries while the bus is slowing down.

The award-winning recycling program at Denali Park Resorts is housed under one roof for ease of handling and processing all paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum and tin. Each year, 100 to 125 tons of recycled materials are brought to the local recycle center in Anchorage. The local community and businesses near Denali are even bringing materials to the center for processing.