PUBLISHED: 11:21 AM on Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Welcome to the Fair
2005 Southeast Alaska State Fair

Haines, Alaska July 27-31, 2005

With so much to do, and see the Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines this weekend was enjoyed by all.

  Sonny and Hercules Almond show off their head bands that they made in the kids craft area.

  Jordan Elliot competes in the song writing contest with his ballad of Slippy the Vegetarian Killer Whale.

  Far right, face painting was very popular with young and old alike this year at the fair.

  Kelli Jackson get's an airbrushed tatoo from Sean Bryant.

  5 year old Kayla Simpson tries her hand at the Miniature Golf game hosted by the Nugget Mall.

  Merrick Bochart and Joey Jackobson are building on a two hole Badarka.