PUBLISHED: 10:50 AM on Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Mortgage Options Abound at Residential Mortgage
Has someone said you can't get a home loan, they may be wrong! Like homebuyers, all loans are not created equal. Residential Mortgage keeps this in mind when assisting you in chosing your loan option.

Residential Mortgage specializes in flexible qualifying guidelines and can provide you with a no obligation pre-approval before you begin shopping for a home of your own. We offer programs for every situation...whether you have perfect credit, no credit, less than perfect credit, are self-employed, or have little cash available, we can help.

Are you aware you can be pre-approved in hours? There is no guesswork involved when you are pre-approved for a loan with Residential Mortgage. You know your financing is taken care of and you know how much home you can afford before you begin shopping. It's like shopping for a home with cash in the bank. It's time to own the home you really want.

Whether you are financing your first home, want to refinance your current loan, Residential Mortgage can help. Our loan programs are more flexible than those of traditional lenders, allowing you to qualify for the financing you need. To discuss your loan options call Residential Mortgage to speak with an experienced consultant today. In Juneau 789-2329 or toll free 877-570-2329!