PUBLISHED: 10:51 AM on Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Scottish Pipe Band and Highland Dancers Bring Home Medals from the 24th Annual Alaska Highland Games
Stroller White Pipes and Drums and Stroller White Highland Dancers competed in various solo and group events held at the 2005 Alaska Highland Games in Anchorage and Eagle River on June 24th and 25th. The two-day Scottish cultural event featured piping, drumming, dancing, and athletic competitions. This year's contest judges came from Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado and Canada.

Pipers, drummers, and dancers from Juneau competed in the individual, trio and band categories. Bruce McQueen took first place in two individual piping events; Heather Sincic took third place in tenor drumming. Beginner dancers Jessica Jones and Megan Sincic took 1st place in Highland Fling, 2nd place in Seann Triubhas and 1st place in Lilt. Stroller White Pipes and Drums took third place in both Grade IV Band March Medley and Band Timed Medley.

Stroller White Pipes and Drums and its sister unit, Stroller White Highland Dancers promote Scottish culture by educating and training performers of all ages. They participate in many local events and celebrations. For more information about Stroller White Pipes and Drums, visit