PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Martindale receives public health award
Lieutenant Howie Martindale, PA-C, was selected as the U.S. Public Health Service Physician Assistant of the Year for 2006. LT Martindale received this award for his participation in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort last fall.

The Surgeon General, RADM Richard Carmona, presented the award during the Commissioned Officers Association convention April 2006 in Denver, citing the extraordinary efforts and accomplishments of LT Martindale and his crew of Paramedic Casey Jaggers and EMT Jessie Zerfoss

LT Martindale is a Physician Assistant in the Ready Responders, a special unit of the U.S. Public Health Service formed after 9/11 to respond to national emergencies. This elite unit is made up of 80 members who train together several times a year. They are stationed at community clinics in under served areas around the country and are deployed to disasters and national emergencies. LT Martindale is stationed in Hoonah at the Hoonah Medical Center. He is the only Ready Responder currently serving in Alaska.