PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Citations given at nine of 43 Southeast establishments
Undercover visits to liquor stores in July resulted in citations being filed under AS 04.16.052 against nine alcohol sellers; seven for furnishing alcohol to a minor and two for other charges discovered in the course of compliance checks.

Violations occurred at DeHarts, Auke Bay; Hoonah Liquor Store, Hoonah; Bullwinkle's II, Juneau; Henry's, Juneau; Rendezvous Lounge, Juneau; Pizza Verona, Juneau; and Kenny's Liquor Market, Juneau.

Other citations - Big Dipper, Juneau was cited for misconduct involving unstamped cigarettes in the 2nd degree, and Douglas Inn.

Douglas was cited with criminal mischief in the 5th degree and for not having alcohol server education.

Passed were 15 establishments in Juneau, two in Douglas, one in Auke Bay, four in Hoonah, seven in Skagway, four in Haines, and the M/V Fair Weather.

Alcohol Beverage Control Board officer Joe Hamilton was assisted in Juneau by one 15 year old and in Hoonah and Skagway by an 18 year old.

Because minors can be cited and civilly sued for being on licensed premises, alcohol sellers sometimes feel sheltered from having teens attempt to purchase alcohol.

Particularly in restaurants, bars, and clubs licensed to sell alcohol, teens attempting to purchase alcohol are committing an additional crime just by being there unless they are with their parents.

However, with the passage of Session Law 69 2006, which allows access by underage military to a club licensed to sell alcohol without parent or legal guardian to accompany them, as of September 13th that will no be longer true.

Although the intent of the legislation is that purchase and consumption of alcohol by minors would be in no way allowed, sellers are now under tighter pressure.

Sellers are no longer being able to depend on the fact that the person is on the premises as an indication that they are old enough to purchase.

It is becoming more and more important to card anyone who looks under 30.