PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
More fun with new friends
Everyone has special stories to share and simply spending as few as five hours a week with a youngster as a foster grandparent can make a lasting impact. Volunteering through Alaska Community Service is a way for people 60 years and older to share their life stories and special talents.

The surveys Alaska Community Services conducts is proof that kids who have an ACS volunteer in their lives for over a year's time have less school absences, and increased grades and social skills. It does make a difference, and you can help make that difference.

People who are over 60 can apply through Alaska Community Services to volunteer at schools, special events, and a variety of organizations such as Saxman Head Start, Ketchikan Youth Court, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Boys & Girls Club. In exchange for your volunteer service there is a small stipend for time served.

Contact Gretchen Klein at Alaska Community Services for an application at

1016 Water Street in Ketchikan or call 617-4685.