PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Alaska Community Services special event
June 16th started as a day filled with friends and fun for everyone at the Great Hall of the Pioneer's Home. Bingo was just the beginning. Boys and Girls Club member Jared read the call numbers as every eye was on the cards. After the bingo winners claimed their prizes the party expanded to games, art projects and karaoke. One table became the Jenga arena. In this game where players pull a block from the tower until the structure has no support and tumbles. Everyone laughed when the whole thing fell down. At another table, party-goers could use a salad spinner and paint to create beautiful designs. Each month a different artist is selected to facilitate a special project.

Dave Rubin has helped with self- portraits, and recently Eric Siversten showed us how to be creative with ceramics. It started out a little tense, but nervousness turned to great conversation. Everyone giggled as they realized they weren't perfect, but their creations was simple fabulous in the eyes of their new friend.

This afternoon was collaboration between the Alaska Community Services, Pioneer's Home, Ketchikan Arts and Humanities Council, and the Boys and Girls Club. This party was to foster friendships between the elders and the youth in a comfortable and relaxed environment. This is an on-going project to promote Elder-Matches. The next Intergerational Party will be on August 18th from 1:30PM to 4:00PM.

For additional informational call Gretchen Klein at (907) 617- 4685.