PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM on Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Owner releases dog to humane society after second reported child attack
Future accidents involving a Husky Labrador mix dog named Patch on Kanata Deyi Street should no longer be an issue.

Sam Westika gave Patch over to the Gastineau Humane Society last week. As of Thursday, July 27, it was reported that the dog was in care of GHS, but it was unconfirmed if the dog was dead.

"The investigation is ongoing and currently open," said Officer Conrad of Animal Control.

Westika said he took Patch to GHS and paid for him to be put down.

"The humane society did not force me to do this. It was a tough thing for me to do to pay money to have a best friend killed," Westika said. "I just want closure. I've had too much drama."

Patch reportedly escaped from Westika and bit two girls Sunday, July 23. The same dog bit 10-year-old Sylina Jackson in January. The dog was deemed dangerous and allowed back in Westika's custody.

Nicollette Dunlap, 11, said she was walking home with her younger sister Harmony, 5, when Patch ran toward them and jumped toward their faces. Nicollette picked up her sister and turned away from dog.

"Patch was coming at us, and Sam told us the dog wouldn't hurt us. Then it bit my leg and thigh," Nicollette said. "Sam was standing there telling the dog to sit. We didn't walk toward the dog, and it didn't have a collar, leash or muzzle."

Westika gave a different story, saying he was taking his dog to Mendenhall Glacier for exercise. He said the dog was on a muzzle and leash.

"He jumped on them, but it's being blown out of proportion," Westika said. "This all happened in less than a minute. I can understand how they would be concerned, but I wouldn't sit there and watch my dog maul two kids."

Westika's daughter, Sierra Westika, 10, who is currently in Spokane, Wash. with her mother for the summer, said she was sad the dog was put down.

"I really loved my dog. He's a really wonderful dog and now he's gone," Sierra Westika said. "I'm down here, and I didn't get to say goodbye to him."

April Jackson, mother of Sylina, said she wanted to keep the peace with the Westika family and hoped Sylina and Sierra would still be friends.

"Sierra is a hero because if she hadn't gotten her dog off of Sylina, her injuries would have been much more severe," April Jackson said. "Sierra means the world to us, and I'm sorry for her hurt."

Nicollette's mother Shawna Dunlap said she would like to see Patch be rehabilitated if possible.

"I'd love to see this dog stay alive and put under only as a last resort," Dunlap said.