PUBLISHED: 4:55 PM on Wednesday, July 30, 2008
AEL&P to begin avalanche mitigation study
JUNEAU - Alaska Electric Light & Power announced July 24 that it has contracted for an evaluation of avalanche mitigation measures along the Snettisham transmission line.

AEL&P has retained Del LaRue of the firm Dryden & LaRue, Inc. from Anchorage, Alaska, to perform an engineering evaluation of possible avalanche mitigation measures.

LaRue has over 35 years of experience designing electrical transmission facilities throughout Alaska. His experience also includes a number of projects specifically dealing with minimizing avalanche damage to transmission lines.

AEL&P has also retained Mr. Bill Glude of Alaska Avalanche Specialists to assess the avalanche potential along the entire length of the Snettisham transmission line. Based on this assessment, areas with the highest risk for damage due to avalanche can be considered for possible avalanche mitigation.

The avalanche mitigation study will consider a variety of possible mitigation measures including deflection and protective structures, strengthened or relocated transmission structures, buried cable and submarine cable alternatives.

"This study will allow us to define the best method of protection for the various towers with a high risk of exposure to avalanche," said Eric Eriksen, V.P. of Transmission and Distribution for AEL&P. "Based on the results of this study we will be able to select one or more alternatives and move forward with final engineering."

The study is expected to be completed in early 2009.