PUBLISHED: 4:52 PM on Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Totem Heritage Center Native art and culture programs begin in fall
KETCHIKAN - The Native Arts Studies Program at the Totem Heritage Center offers an annual series of classes, workshops, and seminars in Northwest Coast Native art and culture. Students may work independently, pursue a certificate, or earn university credit. Experienced instructors of the Northwest Coast Native art style instruct these classes to perpetuate and strengthen the traditional arts through the students. Class schedules for Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 are now available, including: Beginning Cedar Bark Weaving, Drum Design, Intermediate & Advanced Ravenstail Weaving, Moccasin Making, Marketing & Portfolio Preparation for Artists, Intermediate Carving, Chilkat Warp Spinning, Cedar Bark Weaving, Intermediate & Advanced Chilkat Weaving and Doll Making. Call the Totem Heritage Center at 225-5900 for registration and information