PUBLISHED: 4:52 PM on Wednesday, July 30, 2008
'I Ate the Moonlight'
JAHC presents Sarah Conarro's
The public is invited to the opening reception of Sarah Conarro's Exhibit "I Ate the Moonlight."

The reception will be held from 4:30-7 p.m. on Aug. 1 at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center (the former Armory).

"The title of this show ... is not meant to be profound," explains Sarah Conarro. "It's speaking to my last year, that my time to just me is at night. Having my darling Margot, who is now nine months old, essentially has me attempting to figure out a new way of life, thinking a lot about spirituality, and realizing that that is a complicated thing to figure.

  Sarah Conarro's exhibit, "I Ate the Moonlight," reflects the past year of her life after having her child. "My time to just me is at night," the artist says.
"With Margot, and with my nephews Owen and Patrick, I am reminded of how simple and straightforward everything can be, should be, is. But their presence also offers complexities to me-what happens next in the world? What's outside of this world? What is my role for these babies and these worlds? Owen, Patrick, and Margot are my world at every moment, especially in the day-but at night, even if they are on my mind, it's my time."

Sarah Conarro grew up in north Georgia near Atlanta in a quaint gold mining town called Dahlonega. With no movie theater, Wal-Mart or mall, Sarah blames her four siblings for the beginnings of her creative energy.

Sarah later graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in painting and drawing.

After what was thought to be a temporary move to Juneau in January 2006, Sarah has found herself a new home in Alaska. In the arts, Sarah loves collaborating with others of all ages, creating messes and coming up with hair-brained ideas to make happen.

The exhibit will run through August 30.