PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM on Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Southeast Conference names new director
Murray Walsh of Juneau has been appointed as the Executive Director for the Southeast Conference. Robert Venables, President of the Conference Board of Directors and Haines Borough Administrator announced the appointment on July 17.

"Murray has been associated with Southeast Conference since 1996 and has been on the Board for seven years. He was president for the 2004-05 term. With his recent and substantial experience with the conference and his long-term history of serving boards and commissions, Murray is a good fit for us," he said.

Walsh has been a Juneau resident for 30 years. Most recently, he has been a permitting and development consultant. Prior to that, he worked in Governor Hammond's Office and then became Juneau's Community Development Director.

Southeast Conference was formed 45 years ago to support the Alaska Marine Highway System. Since then, the conference has worked to support the region's timber, mining, tourism, fisheries and energy industries. A new committee works on health service matters. The organization is a combination of municipal and private sector members. There are 27 municipal members, including two Canadian communities, nearly 70 for-profit members, and about 40 non-profit members. A 13-member board governs the conference with offices in Juneau. The conference holds a major gathering each fall called the annual meeting. This year it will be in Ketchikan, September 18-21. Staff can be reached at 907-463-3445.