PUBLISHED: 2:30 PM on Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Black Feather Boats releases Chilkat 30

Juneau - Black Feather Boats recently introduced the ChilKat30 power catamaran. Shipwright and owner Gregor Welpton is producing the ChilKat30 to achieve a balance between speed, comfort, and stability.

Welpton has been crafting boats for almost 30 years and has been leading Black Feather Boats for almost 20 years.

Welpton opened his new production shop, specializing in fiberglass boats, in April of 2005, in Juneau to launch the ChilKat30.

"The ChilKat30 is a smooth ride, made to rip," Welpton said.

"This catamaran design offers fisherman their dream with spacious decks, real speed and extraordinary stability.

Tried and true, the ChilKat30 has been built for and tested in Alaskan waters and proves its durability with the satisfaction of its customers.

"Mostly its client friendly," said Captain Mike Moon who works for Eagle Charters in Elfin Cove.

"People don't get sea-sick because of how flat and stable it runs and everyone has a great view. The ChilKat30 also maintains good speeds, is clean and quiet, fuel efficient, and easy to maintain."

Ideal for various ocean expeditions, the decks on the ChilKat30 encompass a walk-around pilothouse offering easy access to all areas.

The typical helm station layout offered is for charter fishing. The boat will include bench seats, while others may prefer a layout featuring a small dinette. Optional interior layouts can also be ordered to fit your needs. This streamline 30-foot cat is crafted using the Vacuum Infusion process.

Instead of hand laminating each part, the parts are made by first laying out the fiberglass and core materials into the mold dry. Then the vacuum bag is placed over the entire mold and sucked tight.

After the bag is checked for air leaks the resin is introduced and flooded through the fiberglass in a matter of minutes. The part is then allowed to fully cure inside the bag.

This process ensures part uniformity in all Black Feather's boats.

The ChilKat30 is also lighter and stronger because of her higher fiberglass to resin content credited to the Vacuum Infusion process.

Black Feather Boats also boasts higher quality Vinylester resin, which makes for a better end product.

Welpton tries to order most materials from within Alaska.

"I really want to support local business and make this as local a boat as possible. Built here in Alaska, by Alaskans, for Alaskan conditions. That's the idea," Welpton said.

With widely spaced four-stroke motors she has the capacity to swiftly maneuver at any speed and is still fuel efficient. A 750 mile cruising range on her twin 125 gallon fuel tanks can travel the distance.

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