PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Collectors complete certification tests
Tongass Substance Screening
Renee Schofield, CEO of TSS, Inc., is pleased to announce the achievement of DATIA certification by all collectors.

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association requires annual testing of each collector. The federal rule for collector training is every five years.

DATIA believes that annual training reviews skills and brings a higher standard to the industry.

TSS collectors are now dual certified through DATIA and the Substance Abuse Professional Administrators Association.

TSS staff is working toward achieving the renowned accreditation of Nationally Accredited Collection Site.

Steps involved require higher standards of training, particular collection site requirements, and documentation of professional quality.

"I am so happy to see each of our collectors achieve yet another step in our goal of customer service. They work each day to set the bar in customer satisfaction," Schofield said of her collection staff.

Staff members that are now dual certified in SAPAA and DATIA are: Virginia Clay, Susan Bethel, Terra Sirevog, Pam Nelson, Cindi Byrd and Schofield.

Each collector is also certified in the collection of hair, breath and saliva.