PUBLISHED: 6:47 AM on Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Alaska Air Cargo increases fuel surcharge
Alaska Air Cargo has adjusted their fuel surcharge in response to rising fuel prices.

As of July 28 the fuel surcharge assessed on all GoldStreak, Animal Express, Priority and General Air Freight shipments in the Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air network will increase to $0.22 per pound to $0.24 per pound. This surcharge is calculated based on actual weight.

Alaska Air Cargo's methodology is based on the Platt's Los Angeles Mean fuel index, which Alaska Air Cargo says allows for better correlation between the fuel surcharge and actual fuel costs. The Fuel Surcharge will change based on certain sustained variations in this index. Alaska Air Cargo provides notice of any adjustment on their web page at least two weeks in advance.

Last week Alaska Air Cargo introduced a new service called Priority Perishable Express last week in response to customer feedback. This priority service can be used to ship items such as tropical fish, aquatic plants, fishing bait, dairy products, meat and produce. Alaska Air Cargo encourages advance booking for this service.

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