PUBLISHED: 12:01 PM on Wednesday, July 20, 2005
The 59th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby
August 5-7, 2005
The 59th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby will be August 5-7 in Juneau waters. The 3-day event, the biggest of the fishing season in Juneau, provides scholarships for dozens of deserving local students, while giving every angler the chance to win up to $100,000!

The Golden North Salmon Derby is a fun filled summer fishing event that began in 1947.

People from all walks of life in the community participate. Families, people (young and the young-at-heart) that love to fish, and even some who don't but want to support the purpose of the Derby spend the week-end in pursuit of Kings and Cohoes and the chance to compete for the prizes generously donated by local businesses and individuals. Those that turn in fish that are not competing for the top one hundred "weightiest" fish receive thank you prizes in appreciation for providing these fish to sell for scholarships for Juneau's young people. The proceeds from the sale of these fish minus the expenses of cleaning and handling are given to the Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation.

Since 1953 the Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation has awarded 201 scholarships totaling over one million dollars to deserving young people. Four year scholarships for graduating High School seniors are available as well as scholarships for graduate study. Scholarships for vocational training are available as well.

Derby entry fee and tickets are $35 for contestants 13 and $10 for contestants 12 years and younger. These tickets are good for all days of the Derby. No refund of entry fees will be made. Contestants must validate their tickets on the first day of their fishing and may stay out on the Derby grounds all three days. You need to validate your ticket only once.

You may buy your derby ticekts from one of the following vendors:

• Allen Marine

• Alaskan and Proud Market

• Fisherman's Bend

• Fred Meyer Outdoor Headquarters

• Rayco Sales

• Valley Tesoro

• Western Auto

• Harri Plumbing and Heating

Twelve salmon will be tagged and released in the Derby grounds. Only one of these twelve fish will pay the $100,000 prize. The number of the winning tag will be selected by the agent of the sponsors before the start of the Derby and will not be known to Derby officials or the sponsors. When a tagged fish is turned in at a weigh-in station, Derby officials will follow the agent's procedure for determining if the fish is the $100,000 fish. Persons turning in any of the other eleven tagged fish will be awarded $1,000 from the Territorial Sportsmen, Inc.

If you catch a tagged fish, do not remove the tag from the fish. To be eligible for any tagged fish prizes the fish must be presented to Derby officials with the tag still attached to the fish.

Be sure to turn in all salmon, except pink and chum, for the scholarship fund. Don't take the chance of eating a fish that could be worth up to $100,000!

Photos for the Derby Photo Contest may be submitted to the Territorial Sportsmen at: PO Box 20761 Juneau, AK 99802, or emailed to by September 15th, 2005. Be sure to include your correct contact information. A winner will be selected by the Salmon Derby committee and you will be notified by October 1.

The person taking the winning photograph will be awarded Derby tickets for next year's Derby for all immediate household members (limit of five). The photograph will be displayed in next year's Derby booklet and on this website.

For a complete list of rules and for more information, go to, write to Territorial Sportsmen, Inc. PO Box 20761 Juneau, AK 99802 or phone (907) 463-3830.