PUBLISHED: 4:25 PM on Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Bartlett Regional Hospital surpasses expectations
Avatar International Inc., the leader in measuring customer expectations in healthcare, has recognized Bartlett Regional Hospital for the fourth year in a row as a national award winner in healthcare service quality for exceeding patient expectations.

In making the announcement, Dr. Michael Everett, Avatar Founder and CEO said, "Bartlett Regional Hospital is to be commended for its focus on quality patient care.

Customer expectations form the basis for all service and quality judgments. Patients only recommend a medical center or are loyal to that medical center if their expectations were surpassed.

By exceeding patient expectations, Bartlett Regional Hospital surpasses this essential benchmark."

In accepting the award for calendar year 2005, Robert Valliant, CEO of Bartlett Regional Hospital, said, "We are proud of the recognition, but for us, the value in the Avatar survey is that it allows our managers to identify areas that need the most improvement.

The survey results are aggregated monthly, allowing us to determine if specific improvements meet patient expectations."

People who receive services at Bartlett are sent a survey form, usually within a week or two of their visit to the hospital.

According to an Avatar spokesperson, the returned survey forms accurately represent patient opinions of services received.

"We keep track of the number of survey forms mailed, and those sent back," said Angela Gorman, Director of Client Services, who noted that the response by mail tracks closely with person-to-person surveys.

"We don't just hear from the happy or unhappy people."

Avatar is an international research and consulting group based in Orlando, Florida.

It has conducted survey services for Bartlett Regional Hospital since 2002. In each year, the hospital has exceeded patient expectations.

Avatar surveys about 250 healthcare organizations nationally, including small community hospitals, academic medical centers, large regional medical centers, integrated healthcare systems, long-term care and behavioral health organizations.

In addition to conducting surveys, Avatar also engages hospitals in process improvement, including training in service quality.