Dear Rex,
Ask Rex: Much ado about 'deposits' 071812 AE 1 Capital City Weekly Dear Rex,
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Story last updated at 7/18/2012 - 5:23 pm

Ask Rex: Much ado about 'deposits'

Dear Rex,

I have been enjoying local trails for some time. When the mood strikes me I have to make a "deposit." Now people all over the place seem to be complaining about all of the deposits. What gives? I consider this my calling card. My owners leave a business card when they go somewhere. So what is the big deal anyway? And besides, don't all these people who are complaining have better things to do?

Signed: Depositor

Dear Depositor,

Lets start with the last question first: according to my sources the answer is yes...everyone who is complaining about dog deposits on trails, city sidewalks, in the water, etc., do have better things to do then pick up after all of us. The problem is this: we think our deposits are perfectly legitimate personal expressions created by a natural function. However, apparently we leave behind all kinds of bacteria that are harmful to humans, water sources and are not biodegradable. Humans step in it and track it into their houses (and boy are they mad then). Heck, we track also it into the car and house, onto the bed or wherever we go. This may be a problem caused by dogs, but lets face it, since we do not have opposable thumbs it is our humans responsibility to pick up after us (which is kind of cool if you think about it). So be like Lassie: after leaving your deposit start barking or wrap the leash around your humans leg or point or do whatever you have to do to get your humans attention until they pick it up and dispose of it properly. Get a backpack and carry your own bags if your human can't remember to take one. Or, if that doesn't work, wait until you get home and go on the carpet. That will get their attention and I bet they pick it up! Bottom-line my canine pals: if the humans won't get with the program, we have to do something or we may not be able to use the trails anymore.

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